MTD360 - About Us - 360 Degree Feedback & Surveys
About MTD360

MTD360 is a unique programme which enables you to run:

  • 360 degree feedback programmes
  • Training needs analysis
  • Staff surveys
  • Skills diagnostics

Ready To Go Statements or Custom Designed

The beauty of using MTD360 is that you can select from pre-loaded questionnaires that are ready to use as they are or you can download them and change a few questions here or there or indeed you can build your own from scratch!

MTD360 provides you with the flexibility so that you can measure EXACTLY what you like to whomever you like.

Created by the MTD Training Group, MTD360 enables you to manage your own 360 degree programmes or we can do them all for you – the choice is yours.

Please click here for a free trial where you can run a couple of reports and see how it all works or please