Types of questionnaires and surveys that you can use for 360 degree feedback
Types Of Questionnaires & Surveys

360 Degree Feedback

MTD360 gives you complete flexibility over your staff development needs.

MTD360 is ideal for staff appraisals, identifying development needs and for use before, during and after training programmes.

We have a number of ready-made 360 questionnaires that you can use "as is" or you can download them and make changes to them to ensure that you are measuring exactly what you need.

These include:

  • CEO/Executive Level – 78 Statements
  • Generic Manager Level – 30 Statements
  • Middle/Senior Manager Level – 80 Statements
  • Team Leader/Supervisor Level – 55 Statements

Or indeed, you can develop your own questionnaire and start from scratch so if you have a competency development framework in place already for example, you can measure against that...exactly. Hence receiving the feedback on your managers and/or sales people that will really make a difference to them personally and your organisation as a whole.

Want to compare your managers or sales people over time?

We have an option that will enable you to do exactly that.

You can ask your managers or sales people to complete a 360 now and then they can complete the same questionnaire, in say 3-6 months time, and our system will enable you to compare the results for improvements. We also have an option where you can ask respondents to rate a manager now and compare it to any time in the past too. So if they have just completed a training event or a staff appraisal and you would like to compare what they are like now to a point in the past then the MTD360 programme can do that for you also.

Training Needs Analysis

Would you like to gather the training needs of a group of people or a department?

MTD360 will enable you to create a tailor made training needs analysis questionnaire.

You can then have access to reports for each individual as well as being able to roll up all of the results into an overall picture of the group/department.

Staff Surveys & Employee Opinion

If you’d like to run any type of survey or an employee opinion survey for example, then these are easy to set up.

You might want to conduct a company-wide or departmental staff satisfaction survey or gather your staff’s opinions about a particular topic, implementation or changes in working patterns! With MTD360 you can do this and much more as you have complete control over what you would like to gather.

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